MDT: Manually Update ADK and ADK Addon

You have an MDT server, and it’s working well.
Ideally you would NOT like to start fresh with a new MDT server.

Because updating the MDT software (feels like whenever there’s a blue moon) All you really need to do is update your ADK and then update and deploy your MDT deploymentshare.

This should take you 15 minutes to accomplish.
Depending of course on your Internet speeds… or if the Mandalorian is on. Could take a couple hours if that happens!

It goes without saying, you should take a backup of the server with whatever you have available. If using VMware, make a snapshot. If using Hyper-V then a checkpoint.

Being overly prepared in IT is never a bad thing, so long as it doesn’t cost money am I right!?

<<crickets chirping>>

Ahem, okay… on with the show then.

Step 1

Uninstall the following applications. If you don’t see the exact names, use your judgement to uninstall the correct ones.

  • Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit – Windows 10

  • Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit Windows Preinstallation Environment Add-ons – Windows 10

Step 2

Manually download the new ADK and Addon, then place them into a folder.
From here on that folder will be knows as “Source” and in the script below, it is located on the D: drive, but you can point it anywhere you want.

Download the Windows ADK for Windows 11
Download the Windows PE add-on for the Windows ADK

Step 3 – Download Process

Launch an administrative PowerShell prompt and type in the following code.
Do not close this PowerShell prompt until Step 5.

Copy/Paste the code below into the PowerShell window.
It will set some variables and start the download/staging process for the ADK and ADK Addon files.

$SourcePath = "D:\Source"

$ADKPath = '{0}\Windows Kits\10\ADK' -f $SourcePath;
$ADKAddonPath = '{0}\Windows Kits\10\ADKWinPEAddons' -f $SourcePath;
$ArgumentList = '/layout "{0}" /quiet' -f $ADKPath;
$ArgumentList_Addon = '/layout "{0}" /quiet' -f $ADKAddonPath;

Start-Process -FilePath "$SourcePath\adksetup.exe" -Wait -ArgumentList $ArgumentList
Start-Process -FilePath "$SourcePath\adkwinpesetup.exe" -Wait -ArgumentList $ArgumentList_Addon

At this stage, you may want to disable your Anti-Virus before installing.
But if you prefer not to, go ahead and give the installation a try. If there’s issues you can revert to the backup (snapshot) you made right?

Step 4 – Install Process

When everything is done downloading, copy/paste the code below into the “still open” PowerShell window.

This will begin the installation of the ADK and Addon files.

Start-Process -FilePath "$ADKPath\adksetup.exe" -Wait -ArgumentList "/Features OptionId.DeploymentTools OptionId.ImagingAndConfigurationDesigner OptionId.UserStateMigrationTool /norestart /quiet /ceip off"
Start-Process -FilePath "$ADKAddonPath\adkwinpesetup.exe" -Wait -ArgumentList "/Features OptionId.WindowsPreinstallationEnvironment /norestart /quiet /ceip off"

Step 5

After a successful installation, you can close the PowerShell window and restart the computer.

Step 6 – Rebuild the MDT Deployment Share

  1. Open Deployment Workbench and under “Deployment Shares” right click on the Deployment Share and choose “Update Deployment Share“.
  2. Choose “Completely regenerate the boot images” and click Next.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Click Finished.

Watch the output for the line “Windows PE WIM“, it should be pointing to the folder “C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Assessment and Deployment Kit“.
If not, refer to these instructions and repeat Step 6 again.

Step 7 – Update WDS Boot Image

Open Windows Deployment Services, and drill down to and click on “Boot Images“.

  1. Find your boot image on the right, right click and choose “Replace Image“.
  2. Click “Browse” and select your newly generated boot image and click Open.
    (e.g. D:\DeploymentShare\Boot\LiteTouchPE_x64.wim)
  3. Click Next.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Click Next. (or rename it if you prefer)
  6. Click Next.
  7. Click Finished.

Congratulations, you have completed updating the ADK and ADK PE Addon!