MDT 2013: Adding a Drivers Catch-All Task Sequence

Some backstory; I have a client that bought some “value” desktops. These desktops have basic OEM Intel motherboards in them.
The motherboards do not have the Make (Manufacturer) or Model fields populated in the BIOS.

Without this information, the MDT driver task sequence that relies on “%Make%” and “%Model%” to populate the MDT folder path to specific drivers will not work, as it returns blanks.

Fortunately, this can be accounted for and a “Catch-All” driver folder, containing some generic drivers can be used.

Here’s what you do to add the catch-all to your existing MDT task sequence.

  1. Right click on your task sequence and choose properties.
  2. Select the Task Sequence tab.
  3. Select and expand Preinstall.
  4. Click Add, General, Set Task Sequence Variable.

In the task sequence Properties tab, fill in the information required.
Note: Change the Value to match your Out-of-Box Drivers layout.

Name: Set Drivers Path Catch-All (Generic)
Task Sequence Variable: DriverGroup001
Value: Windows 10\Generic\Catch-All

In the task sequence Options tab, click Add, If statement and choose None then click OK.

Select If non of the conditions are true and click Add, Task Sequence Variable.
Note: You will be adding two task sequence variable conditions under the If, one for Make and one for Model.

Add the following for the first condition.
Variable: Make
Condition: exists

Add the following for the second condition.
Variable: Model
Condition: exists

Make sure the new catch-all task sequence variable is below the Set Drivers Path task sequence variable.

You are all done now. Populate the Catch-All MDT drivers folder with some drivers for the “odd computers”.

Now, this can also all be done with a script that will do model matching as well, but I prefer to use what’s built into the MDT product, not adding anything “extra” wherever possible.


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